Spider Woman’s Daughter

spider woman's daughter cover

“A daughter takes on her famous father’s legacy in resuming a series focused on Navajo culture, maintaining the integrity throughout.” – Kirkus Reviews

3 thoughts on “Spider Woman’s Daughter”

  1. Just finished the book and it was great to bring back Joe, Jim and Bernie. We live in Flagstaff and every trip we make across to reservation to ABQ, Santa FE, Gallup, of through the Four Corners area, we always are on the lookout for Jim, or Joe or Bernie. Keep the books coming. We certainly enjoy the stories and vivid descriptions for various locations on the reservations.


  2. Enjoyed reading about my long time book buddies, Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee and Bernie Manuelito once again. I’m glad Tony’s daughter Anne decided to continue the Navajo detective stories.


  3. Just finished this book and enjoyed it very much. I had read ALL of her father’s books. Good to see the series continue.


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