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(Photo: Don Strel)

Here’s my newsletter announcing the debut of Cave of Bones

Hello out there!

I’m happy to announce that my newest novel, Cave of Bones, will be released on April 3.

The story continues the adventures of the characters originally created by Tony Hillerman, Navajo detectives Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee, and Bernadette Manuelito.

When Tony Hillerman died in 2008 I, like many of you, mourned the loss of both my dad and what I feared would be the end of the stories I had loved. I took a few deep breaths and, after a year or so of mourning, decided to try to write a book that would continue the series. Because I knew I was not Tony Hillerman, I used a character he had created, Bernie Manuelito, to take the stories in a slightly new direction, while being true to the tradition he had begun in 1970 with The Blessing Way.

Thanks to the generous and enthusiastic reception by Hillerman fans for my first novel, Spider Woman’s Daughter, the re-imagined series has continued with Manuelito coming into her own as a crime solver.

One of the things I enjoyed most about writing Cave of Bones was the setting. The story unfolds in a real place, an ancient lava field filled with unexpected danger. I open the story with a character’s first-hand reaction to being lost in this dark place, and then conclude with something I hadn’t tried before:  an epilogue from a dead person.

Cave of Bones puts Bernie to the test, physically, intellectually and psychologically. Meanwhile, Jim Chee works a case that seems to be totally unrelated. And Joe Leaphorn, while still recovering from a brain injury, helps his protégées with insights and wisdom.

I had fun writing Cave of Bones. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Without the encouragement and support of readers who gave the new girl a chance, Cave of Bones would not be here! I am forever grateful.

I’ll be talking about the book at some of my favorite places. You’ll find a full, still developing schedule on my website.

Happy reading!

Anne Hillerman